VEVAG( Property  Rights Sharing, VVGT), a decentralized business ecosystem, mainly relying on USDC constant settlement digital currency, leading in the technology of blockchain, community node cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. And in the solution of digital currency settlement, the joint accumulation of research and development. The sharing of property rights is mainly managed through the APP visual interface. This can effectively make users, businesses, and node people truly decentralized interaction. In the future, with the gradual participation of more people and enterprises, the sharing of property rights will become a more complete global economic autonomous economic ecosystem.

What is VEVAG?

Userbehavior, paid incentives, user retention and activity
Reliable, open and transparent high quality data reporting
Value of data, providing credit system and strategy
Reflect the highest value of the individual, the highest value of time
VVGTHow to make the world a better place?

As the world's first center to share the commercial eco blockchain, we rely on the advanced business structure to provide the system participants with the ability to sustain profitability and lightning fission; on the other hand, we rely on strong underlying technology for ecological co-construction Providing an excellent development environment, all of which is based on a completely decentralized deflation system. Our aim is to push the sharing of human civilization to the peak of contract civilization through blockchain, which is a long journey. In the process of achieving this ultimate goal, we must let all believers get the rewards they deserve, and let business values incite greater social values.
Using blockchain technology to ensure transaction trust through machines and algorithms, thus solving the problem of mutual trust in the anonymous transaction process, intelligent devices on the Internet can determine identity through the principle of cryptography in a scenario environment where no trust relationship is required. Therefore, all intelligent devices on the Internet can participate in distributed computing in real time, greatly improving the speed and timeliness of data processing.

The blockchain itself is a large-scale mass database. All the data and information recorded in the chain are transparent and transparent. Any node can query the information on the blockchain platform through the Internet. In the VVGT, it can also provide a fundamental guarantee for the formation of a credit system with a user experience as the core.
Smart contracts are automatically executed contracts in network information platforms and systems when certain conditions are met. The intelligent contract system based on blockchain technology has the dual advantages of auto-execution and trustworthiness. The sharing of property rights can help realize various business scenarios involving online trust, such as product reservation, default payment, etc. in the sharing economy. The sharing economy is more complete and reliable.

Through the blockchain technology to subvert the existing centralized credit platform, the property rights sharing aims to realize the value quantification and value circulation in the platform through the use of the property sharing token ("VVGT"), and build the data to be d economic credible ecosystem and truly realize the great vision of “credit interconnection and sharing the future”.
VVGT Advantage

Match supply and demand in real time to provide a technical foundation for the sharing economy
Data is transparent and provides credit protection for the sharing economy

Bringing smart contracts to provide solutions for the sharing economy

Credit interconnection, sharing the future
VVGT Mission vision

The sharing of property rights will also give its mission in the future development.
Let people be both consumers and operators, and enjoy the power and the continuous wealth. Let more people have safer and better quality Token, realize through VVGT, quickly transmit through the Internet, let healthy ideas connect, share the latest information, share trade, trade mutual trust, cultural mutual learning, economic sharing And other fields.
VVGT decentralized commercial ecology is to create a healthy and ecological civilization of the Internet for human civilization.

VVGT    Smart assets
Name: Property sharing
General certificate:VVGT
Total issuance: 1 Billion
Distribution plan:
Repurchase mechanism

VVGT Token Smart assets
Ecological construction 12%
Overseas cornerstone 2%
Community building 6%
Crowdfunding 50%
20% interest on currency
Foundation 10% (locked warehouse for three years)
The property rights sharing platform will conduct VVGT repurchase in the future. The property rights sharing platform will reserve up to 50% of the profits from the previous financial year for token repurchase. The repurchase will be conducted at the market price of the exchange at that time. The order to sell at the time is at a low price to a high price, and the low-priced sale will be repurchased first.
VVGT Civilized ecology
Commercial civilization is an advanced form of human civilization.
Financial civilization is an advanced form of commercial civilization.
Chain merchant civilization is the advanced form of financial civilization

We recognize the fact that the blockchain will change the capitalist
The rule of righteousness of wealth is precisely because of this, VVGT is one step ahead of the public.
The bottom layer of the chain develops a chain contract, allowing the algorithm to take over humanity and will be a thousand merchants.
Industry behavior implants decentralized genes, and business rules are strictly followed
Mathematical logic, ending all scams and unfair existence, guarantee
In the darkest environment, the VVGT contract always makes the most fair
VVGT is born for collective profit, and the public can participate in VVGT
Production creation and redistribution, consortium and technical groups can pass VVGT fast
Fast release chain application, cross-chain trading is no longer on paper, eager
Free people can engage in anonymous social interaction, blockchain people
Only through the chain business system will you get better resource allocation...
VVGT C ore team

"Don't let technology
Limit your imagination"
Senior developer, Colton has a very mature data science and machine learning team. In 2015, with the addition of Google's senior research scientist BillMac Cartney, the team's strength has been further strengthened. Colton left in April 2016, followed by "active intelligence" for the Apple Siri project; platform work. Colton received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stanford University and joined the BlackRock Group as a partner in 2009. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Real Right Sharing Foundation. Colton is one of the developers of the core of property sharing.
Chief executive
technical director
Director of operations
One of the core founders of the R3 Blockchain Technology Alliance, a game mathematician with more than 6 years of experience, owns M.TeaCe (CS) from the Indian Institute of Statistics in Kolkata. He has strong abilities in mathematics (probability theory, combination theory, graph theory), advanced algorithms, data structures, and C/C++. Currently the technical director of VVGT.
Since 2012, he has been in contact with Bitcoin mining. At the beginning of 2017, he began to systematically study blockchain technology and encrypted digital assets ICO, which has unique insights into the potential and future direction of the blockchain industry. He has invested in high-quality projects such as EOS, Filecoin, and Cybermiles, observes and participates in the community construction and operation of multiple encrypted digital asset projects, and has rich experience in community organization operations. He is also a key member of XDAG's Chinese community development and operations, and was the founder of the media BW investment early in the currency circle. Leading operations, media campaigns and strategic research at VVGT.
Your imagination should not be
limited by technology
——VVGT Technical team motto
VVGT Sharing ecological civilization